• What can Vikan Ultra Safe Technology do for you?

    When talking about our range of products designed to support food manufacturers we often focus on PPE and Chemical Hygiene products but the equipment used in cleaning is often just as vital to the safe production of food as any other product.

    For example, did you know that up to 47% of standard food industry cleaning equipment routinely tested positive for listeria?UST Vikan Brush

    We work with Vikan to provide a range of high quality, Ultra Safe Technology (UST), cleaning equipment designed specifically to reduce clogging and make cleaning as easy and effective as possible to reduce microbiological contamination.

    These products are also:

    Fully compliant with applicable food contact regulations

    Highly durable, requiring 52% more force than traditional brushes to loosten bristles

    Extremely smooth to reduce the risk of contaminants sticking to the brush

    Available in a wide range of different colours

    For more information on our range of fantastic Vikan UST products as well as supporting documentation, click the links below:

    Ultra Safe Technology Poster

    Ultra Safe Technology White Paper

    Ultra Safe Technology Interactive PDF

    If you’d like further information or to speak to a member of our team about our range of Deb products, call 01482 467500 or email

  • HACCP International Certified Food Safe Hand Wash

    As the food industry specialist, all of our products and services are tailored to support food manufacturers in being able to produce food safely, in a safe environment. Our range of Hand Hygiene products from Deb are a great example of the kind of specialist products we provide.Deb OxyBAC Dispenser

    In particular, the Deb OxyBAC hand wash is the first antibacterial hand wash to receive HACCP International certification for food safety, making it ideal for any food manufacturer operating a HACCP based food safety programme.

    In addition this fantastic product also does not induce antimicrobial resistance, the Hydrogen peroxide active agent in OxyBAC hand wash works by producing free radicals that target multiple non-specific targets within the cell of the microbe, this multi-target action ensures there is no risk of developing antimicrobial resistance.

    For more information on our range of fantastic Deb products as well as supporting documentation, click the links below:

    OxyBAC Brochure

    InstantFOAM Complete Brochure

    Hands on Food Safety Brochure

    If you’d like further information or to speak to a member of our team about our range of Deb products, call 01482 467500 or email

  • Anti-Microbial Shadow Boards

    Needlers are the food industry specialist, and that means that everything we do and everything we sell is designed with food manufacturers in mind. Our range of Anti-Microbial Shadow AM Mobile Shadow BoardBoards from Hillbrush are a perfect example of this.

    These top of the range products are completely food safe, waterproof and provide antimicrobial product protection for the entire lifetime of the product. The Anti-Microbial shadowboards are bespoke and customisable to requirements, available in 10 different colours as well as being available in wall mounted and mobile variants.

    The most amazing feature of these shadow boards is their ability to inhibit the growth of microbes, regardless what you've been using your equipment for, when stored on these shadowboards they won't leave behind any potentially dangerous microorganisms that could contaminate other equipment. Created with Biomaster technology that utilises silver-ions, the shadow boards prevent bacteria from growing, producing energy or replicating before they die, effectively neutralising the microorganisms. Biomaster protection complements your existing cleaning regime to provide antimicrobial product protection between your regular cleaning schedules.

    For more documentation and info on these fantastic products click the links below:

    Biomaster Brochure 2016

    Biomaster FAQs

    Sealwise UCL NHS Report

    Hillbrush Anti Microbial Shadow Boards 2016

    If you'd like more information or to speak to a member of our team about these Anti Microbial Shadow Boards call 01482 467500 or email

    BioMaster_Antibacterial PPP Hillbrush logo

  • New Reldeen Footwear Range

    We're very pleased to announce the arrival of our new Reldeen Footwear Range! These new products retain the same iconic style of our previous range of Reldeen Footwear with improved user comfort and reduced costs. You can find out more about this range of products by clicking the links below or give us a call on 01482 467500.

    This new range of footwear includes:

    F500-sz Reldeen Lace-up Safety Boots S3 SRC

    F500 hi res
    F600-sz Reldeen Lace-up Safety Shoes S3 SRC

    F600 hi res
    F700-sz Reldeen Lace-up Safety Trainers S1 SRC

    F700 hi res
    F800-sz Reldeen Slip-on Dealer Boots SB-P SRC

    F800 hi res
    F900-sz Reldeen Furlined Safety Rigger Boots SB-P SRC

    F900 hi res

  • Food manufacturing safety experts on track to deliver a Brexit response

    A leading supplier of hygiene and safety solutions to the food industry is urging UK food manufacturers to ensure they prepare their businesses for the potential impact of ‘Brexit’.

    Needlers, the Food Industry Specialist is working with its customers to forecast how the vote in June to leave the European Union could affect things like supply chain, staffing and spending. As Needlers Sales Director, Rob Russell explains:

    “There are a number of ways we have been preparing our customers for the possible impact of ‘Brexit’, but our approach has always been to support our customers with their key challenges.

    Regardless of how the vote went in June, the food industry was already a difficult market, so providing the correct products at the right price, and crucially with the right level of support and expertise has long been our focus.”

    20160510-_MG_0079Working closely with technical, hygiene, health and safety and procurement teams at some of the UK’s leading food manufacturers, The Food Industry Specialist has been supporting its customers in making improvements to food safety and technical compliance, while also reducing cost.

    Operations Director, Darren Glew agrees that a ‘Brexit’ strategy requires a combined approach:

    “We’ve called on our team’s knowledge of the food industry to be pro-active when it comes to product rationalisation, and we’ve also been providing free, innovative digital services to our customers, including bespoke training videos and an electronic visitor sign-in system.

    Staff training and supply chain complications have been highlighted among the possible implications for the food industry as the UK prepares to leave the EU. It’s impossible to know exactly what will happen, but we’re convinced that food manufacturers should be looking to do more than just reduce costs, in order to be fully ‘Brexit-proof’.”

    For more information on the ways Needlers is preparing its customers for ‘Brexit’, email or call 01482 467520.

    For editorial enquiries, please contact:

    Paul Woodford
    Marketing Manager
    01482 467 520

    For sales enquiries, please contact:

    Rob Russell
    Sales Director
    01482 467 528

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