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What does BRC accreditation mean to the food industry?

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With the food industry under increasing scrutiny, certification is big business. Yet with a widening focus on the supply chain, it’s not only food producers who are expected to prove they’re up to standard. We take a look at what the BRC is, and why the food industry has such a keen eye on it.

So who is responsible for providing certification to food producers and their suppliers, and how do they offer credibility to reassure retailers and consumers, amid expectations for quality and traceability that are higher than ever?

BRC is a quality certification program, used by over 22,000 suppliers to the food industry across 123 countries. The organisation’s primary aim is to offer protection for the end consumer by standardising quality, safety and operational activities to ensure food manufacturers and their suppliers fulfil their legal obligations.

For the purposes of certification, the food industry is broken down into five key categories: Food Safety, Packaging and Packaging Materials, Storage and Distribution, Agents and Brokers, and Consumer Products.

From presiding over activities which may affect the safety, quality and legality of stored products, to helping establish good manufacturing practices, the standard is fast becoming a minimum requirement for major retailers. That’s because, according to The BRC Global Standards, accreditation can “…help you establish good manufacturing practices so you’ll produce safe, legal products that meet the quality levels expected by your customers.” (

Compliance and traceability are key food industry themes, which are being traced far deeper in the supply chain. As retailers strive to demonstrate their commitment to quality throughout their supply chains, we’ll surely see an increase of non-critical suppliers and distributors working towards accreditation such as the BRC Global Standard.

For now though, the important job of driving up standards of supply to food manufacturers is left to those who are passionate about being ahead of the game. You can read about Needlers being awarded the BRC Global Standard here.

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