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How to spot illegal PPE during the Covid-19 pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an increase in demand for PPE and hygiene products, causing the supply chain to be stretched to meet demand. In the past month we have seen a spike in illegal counterfeit PPE being placed onto the market, and despite the best efforts of the market policing authorities and the British Safety Industry Federation (BSiF) these products continue to flood the market.

Food producers using illegal counterfeit PPE is a great concern for the BSiF and the team at Needlers. Employees safety, and lives, are being put on the line, and businesses risk exposing themselves to risk of prosecution by instructing colleagues to use PPE products that do not perform as they should. Businesses can be drawn to the low prices of these illegal products or can see their PPE and hygiene budgets dramatically drained due to the inflated prices.

All PPE must be supplied with:

  • Instructions for use
  • A CE marking to show it has been appropriately tested and certified
  • A Declaration of Conformity document or a link to a website where a DoC can be downloaded which states the manufacturer has compiled with the requirements of the relevant legislation – which for PPE is the (EU) PPE Regulation 2016/425.

Without these legal requirements, the product is illegal to use as protective equipment in the workplace.

We are asking all customers, and the UK food industry as a whole, to be vigilant. The team at Needlers will only ever supply genuine PPE which has been tested and certified by the authorised notified body. Our utmost priority is to continue supplying customers with legitimate, safe PPE.

The British Safety Industry Federation (BSiF) have produced two checklists for PPE users to verify CE certificates and Declarations of Conformity.

To download, please click here

We highly recommend circulating this document with your colleagues.

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