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Policies & Statements

Needlers is fully committed to being a socially responsible business as well as ensuring that we leave as little impact on the environment as possible; to that end we have made public all of our policy statements pertaining to our environmental impact and social responsibilty, please see below for further information.

Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

Environment Policy

We are also fully commited to trading in an ethical manner; just as importantly we also strive to ensure that our supply chain is an ethical one, free from abuses and fair for everyone involved. If you'd like to know more about exactly what we're doing to ensure that our supply chain is fair and ethical, take a look at the Needlers Supply Chain Challenge

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Our Pro-Fit range of superior quality products are "Better By Design". Designed as a high-quality alternative to branded products, our Pro-Fit range offers added value through enhanced features that we've developed for specific Food Industry applications.


Our historic range of Reldeen products offers reduced costs to comparable products without sacrificing any quality. This fit for purpose range is well established and covers all of the most in demand requirements of Food Manufacturers.