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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Customer Services

Janine Lowsley Janine Lowsley

Janine Lowsley

Customer Service Manager

Kirsty Young Kirsty Young

Kirsty Young

Customer Service Team Leader

01482 467523

Charlotte Baynes Charlotte Baynes

Charlotte Baynes

Customer Service Team Leader

01482 467510

Amanda Wilkinson Amanda Wilkinson

Amanda Wilkinson

Workwear Customer Service Advisor

Amanda Shore Amanda Shore

Amanda Shore

Customer Service Advisor

Danny Sago Danny Sago

Danny Sago

Customer Service Advisor

Jessica Stephens Jessica Stephens

Jessica Stephens

Customer Service Advisor

Rebecca Stearman Rebecca Stearman

Rebecca Stearman

Customer Service Advisor

Toni Dykes Toni Dykes

Toni Dykes

Customer Service Advisor

Wendy Moore Wendy Moore

Wendy Moore

Customer Service Advisor

Steph Jones Steph Jones

Steph Jones

Customer Service Advisor

Emily Richardson Toni Ellerby

Toni Ellerby

Customer Service Advisor

Harry West Harry West

Harry West

Customer Service/Finance Apprentice

Sales Team

Neil Major Neil Major

Neil Major

Field Sales Manager

Gina Burnham Gina Burnham

Gina Burnham

Business Development Manager

Wendi Tarling Wendi Tarling

Wendi Tarling

Business Development Manager

Craig Stasik Craig Stasik

Craig Stasik

National Account Manager

Bruce Stroud Bruce Stroud

Bruce Stroud

Account Manager

Helen Skinner Helen Skinner

Helen Skinner

Account Manager

Gillian Humphrey Gillian Humphrey

Gillian Humphrey

Account Manager

Nigel Archer Nigel Archer

Nigel Archer

Business Development Support Manager

lynsey Pride lynsey Pride

Lynsey Pride

Account Manager

Dan Clarkson Dan Clarkson

Dan Clarkson

Account Manager

Luke Tomlinson Luke Tomlinson

Luke Tomlinson

Sales Apprentice

Linda Ellerby Linda Ellerby

Linda Ellerby

Sales Support Administrator

Louise Carass Louise Carass

Louise Carass

Sales Office Manager

Warehouse Team

Eric Whitfield Eric Whitfield

Eric Whitfield

Shift Supervisor

Rob Baker Rob Baker

Rob Baker

Shift Supervisor


Ellie Horner Ellie Horner

Ellie Horner

Workwear Operative

Toni-Ann Pymer Toni-Ann Pymer

Toni-Ann Pymer

Workwear Supervisor

Jess Brameld Jess Brameld

Jess Brameld

Workwear Operative

Andrea Sunlay Andrea Sunlay

Andrea Sunlay

Workwear Operative

Rafakat Hussain Rafakat Hussain

Rafakat Hussain

Workwear Operative

Claire Thompson Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson

Workwear Operative

Vanessa Ramsden Vanessa Ramsden

Vanessa Ramsden

Workwear Operative


Cara Longden Cara Longden

Cara Longden

Finance Manager

Sara Bromage Sara Bromage

Sara Bromage

Credit Controller

Chloe Holland Chloe Holland

Chloe Holland

Credit Controller


Nik Rilatt Nik Rilatt

Nik Rilatt

Product & Procurement Manager

01482 467505

Vicky Mason Vicky Mason

Vicky Mason

Product Support Coordinator

01482 467505

Hayley Duerden

Product & Procurement Manager - Clothing, Footwear & Hygiene

01482 975803


Sarah Hewitt Sarah Hewitt

Sarah Hewitt

Operations Manager

Beth Thorneycroft Beth Thorneycroft

Beth Thorneycroft

Supply Chain Coordinator

James Hurd James Hurd

James Hurd

Supply Chain Coordinater

Millie Davis Millie Davis

Millie Davis

Supply Chain Administrator

Q Branch

John Logan John Logan

John Logan

IT Manager

Barnaby Platt Barnaby Platt

Barnaby Platt

Web Developer/IT Support


Alistair Needler Alistair Needler

Alistair Needler


Mark Day Mark Day

Mark Day

Managing Director

Rob Russell Rob Russell

Rob Russell

Sales Director

Richard Shipley Richard Shipley

Richard Shipley

Finance Director

Mark KeedyMark Keedy

Mark Keedy

Operations Director

Explore Our Brands

Our Pro-Fit range of superior quality products are "Better By Design". Designed as a high-quality alternative to branded products, our Pro-Fit range offers added value through enhanced features that we've developed for specific Food Industry applications.


Our historic range of Reldeen products offers reduced costs to comparable products without sacrificing any quality. This fit for purpose range is well established and covers all of the most in demand requirements of Food Manufacturers.